Our Little Bank
Of Knowledge

Welcome to our resources page. Here you’ll find a whole host of information that sits behind what we do. From strategies and policies to useful links to our partner organisations.

Woking 2050 Strategy Document

Our Woking 2050 strategy takes a look at our whole way of living and how we influence our environment. Our goal is to create a place that:

  • protects and enhances our rich natural environment
  • uses resources wisely and conserves biodiversity
  • develops the built environment in a sustainable way
  • meets local needs and enables the local economy to prosper
  • recognises, prepares and adapts to the socio-economic, environmental and demographic changes that the future will bring.

Climate Emergency Declaration

On 25 July 2019, we pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030. We will reduce to zero any greenhouse emissions associated with our own estate and operations.

A Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) was drafted and approved by the Council’s Climate Change Working Group at its meeting on 3 December 2019 and by Full Council on 13 February 2020. The plan focusses on mitigation measures that will help reduce (and eventually eliminate) the Council’s carbon footprint.

Natural Woking

Natural Woking biodiversity and green infrastructure strategy sets out how we intend to enhance the provision and accessibility of green spaces, conserve existing biodiversity and habitats and creating opportunities for species to return to the borough.

Biodiversity encompasses the whole of the natural world. It is not restricted to rare or threatened habitats and species. Protecting biodiversity for future generations is critical to creating a sustainable borough. 

    Our Aim

    Planet Woking is dedicated to all things relating to climate change, sustainability and biodiversity in the Borough. Its purpose is to share with you how Woking Borough Council continues to address climate change and sustainability locally; and what we’re doing to meet our carbon neutral targets having declared a ‘climate and ecological emergency’.

    Local climate action needs you - the local community. To date, a lot of what we have achieved is thanks to partnership working with key stakeholders, commercial partners and community volunteers to meet our common environmental goals. We hope Planet Woking inspires you to get involved and continue to make changes to live a greener, more sustainable life.

    There is no Planet B, so let’s work together to secure the future of our Borough by taking action to address climate change locally. We all have a part to play to look after Planet Woking.