Tackling Climate Change Locally – January 2022 Update

January 25, 2022

Climate change is a global issue but one that can be tackled locally. Planet Woking was launched in September 2020 to raise awareness of local action being taken by the Council and its partners to meet our carbon neutral goals; but also to inspire and encourage you – the local community – to join us and continue to play your part in looking after our environment.

A number of key activities and projects have been progressed since the Council’s climate and ecological declaration was made in July 2019. These activities build on a strong foundation of green initiatives that pre-date this which are recorded on the Council’s website at www.woking.gov.uk/nature-and-sustainability/green-initiatives

A full record of progress is available through the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) reports that are taken to the Climate Change Working Group each quarter and are published online at www.woking.gov.uk/nature-and-sustainability/climate-change/climate-emergency-action-plan. Here at Planet Woking we like to keep you updated on what we’ve been up to. The table below records a selection of highlights and achievements post July 2019, grouped by theme. We previously posted an update in April 2021 which is available here.


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