Great British Spring Clean – 28 May to 13 June 2021

May 10, 2021

During lockdown, the great outdoors has mattered to us more than ever. Our open spaces provided much needed sanctuary and a setting for that daily walk or family bike ride. Now as restrictions lift and the weather improves (hopefully!), we can look forward to sunny strolls and picnics in the park.  

However, where people go, litter follows. As reported by the CPRE, during lockdown there has been a national increase in the amount of litter left in parks and countryside, with discarded face masks and drinks containers the main culprits. The Countryside Code asks that we all do our bit to care for our outdoor spaces by taking our litter home and leaving no trace of our visit.

That’s why Planet Woking is supporting Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean! Now in its sixth year, the week-long event is the nation’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign.  In 2019, nearly a million bags of litter were collected nationwide – equating to 4,308 tonnes – that would have otherwise remained on our streets and in our parks.  

Not only is litter unsightly it can harm animals and wildlife. As highlighted by the RSPCA, everyday objects that seem perfectly safe, can sadly become hazardous when found accidentally by animals. By disposing of our rubbish safely instead of littering we are making choices that could save many lives.

Pledge to Pick

So, this spring, join Keep Britain Tidy in their mission to clear litter from our streets, parks and green spaces. Because what is good for our environment is good for us too. 

Find out more here about how you can join the campaign’s community of #Litterheroes and the #MillionMileMission. Keep Britain Tidy has lots of advice for litter picking safely and their COVID-19 guidance is regularly updated.

In support of the campaign here are Planet Woking’s top tips to beat local litter:

  • Equipment – wear a thick pair of gloves and always use a grabber. Grabbers can be purchased online and most hardware stores for between £3 and £5.
  • When and where – You can litter pick in any of our parks and open spaces. Residential streets and footpaths are also good spots.  
  • Sorting – Only clean plastics, metals and cardboard can be recycled meaning most of what you will collect will need to go in the bin. Take a separate bag with you for any clean recyclables that you do find.
  • Disposal – There might not be sufficient bin capacity at your chosen venue so be prepared to the take what you’ve collected home with you and place it your black bin or take to a Community Recycling Centre.

Our Little Planet Woking heroes Charlotte (aged 6) who featured in the Planet Woking launch video and Izzy (aged 8) who has been raising funds for a local wildlife centre, have been doing a great job litter picking in their local neighbourhoods.

Izzy and her friends litter picking to raise funds for a local wildlife centre

We all have a part to play to look after “Planet Woking”, so pledge to pick and send us a pic while you’re out and about! Drop us a line at


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