Go exploring with our new nature trail!

June 23, 2022

Woking Borough Council is committed to supporting our local flora and fauna and the diverse environments these call home.

Protecting biodiversity one of our key objectives – playing our part locally to help halt its global decline and address climate change.   

We have developed an online map to help you discover the many wonderful green spaces we have, where you can exercise, relax and enjoy nature’s beauty in the local area.

It’s not only the countryside, Woking’s towns and villages have a vital role to play too in supporting our wildlife. The variety of different land uses in these areas creates a rich mosaic of habitats. There are also many green havens in our urban areas where we can pause and enjoy a quiet moment. Woking Town Centre has both an abundance of attractive, accessible green spaces within easy walking or cycling distance and within it you can find a wealth of lush foliage and wildlife.

So join our self-guided urban safari to see how many of these natural features you can spot!


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