Woodhaven Space

December 11, 2020

A key objective of the Planet Woking programme is to inspire and involve the local community to make, or continue to make, changes to live a greener, more sustainable life. We would love to hear from individuals, community groups and businesses willing to share their own eco experiences.

We caught up with Nicky Yates (pictured), wellbeing coach and owner of Woodhaven Space – a beautiful family home and purpose built, healthy eco-smart venue in Horsell, Woking.

“Sustainability to me is using a building day and night – for our family to live/sleep in and for work too – enabling me to share my ethos for sustainable living; nurturing us all inside and out.”

Nicky’s home is designed and built as a healthy green building. It is bursting with eco features such as:

  • solar panels
  • 100% low energy lighting
  • rain harvest tank
  • Mechanical heat ventilation recovery system
  • Home grown and locally sourced produce
  • Natural stone, glass and wood materials sourced as locally as possible.

The amalgamation of eco-friendly and healthy building features at Woodhaven Space combine not only to assist in managing family allergies, but also in reducing environmental impact. The building is airtight and of a “passiv haus” design. There are no trickle vents in the windows and the humidity level stays below 30%. Instead of carpets there are solid floors; and rather than curtains, blinds provide privacy and “black out” helping to reduce solar gain. These design features also mean dust mites cannot thrive, keeping Nicky’s family fitter and healthier. In fact, as Nicky says “We haven’t used inhalers for asthma for many years now!”

As well as a family home, Woodhaven Space serves as an eco-smart venue. Nicky explains “As a wellbeing coach, I host Corporate Executive Offsite meetings to enable teams to benefit from what we provide as a green, safe and creative environment. We encourage our clients to walk, cycle or lift share. We’ve also incorporated measures to eliminate single use plastics and offer home grown and locally sourced produce. We have softened and conditioned water and to help with our allergies, we also filter the drinking water for hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and micro plastics. It is then delivered still, sparkling and boiling direct through our tap, eliminating the need for purchasing bottled waters which incurs unnecessary travel miles and packaging. This sustainable water system is designed and built by another Woking venture – The Pure H2o Company!” Complementing the health and wellbeing aspects of sustainability, yoga and wellbeing retreats are also available (currently via virtual means).

Woodhaven Space is proud to be part of the Woking Works start up business group and is also a member of Woking Chamber of Commerce. It has been recognised by Surrey Chamber of Commerce with an ‘Outstanding Support of the Community Award’ in its provision of thousands of snacks and treats for NHS frontline workers during lockdown and in sourcing sustainable PPE too. Support of the local community doesn’t stop there. Woodhaven also helps local charities with their events and fundraising and hosts seasonal wellbeing community events. 

To find out more about Woodhaven Space, visit the website at www.woodhaven.space or contact Nicky by email at nicky@woodhaven.space.   

Planet Woking would like to thank Nicky for sharing her eco journey. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the Planet Woking email address: hello@planetwoking.co.uk


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