Woking Environment Action Hub – Opening Saturday 11 June!

June 9, 2022

Woking Environment Action (WEAct) is a voluntary group of individuals committed to taking action locally on issues related to climate change and sustainability. Over the past six months the group has been working to establish a local space for climate action and were delighted to pick up the keys for the WEAct Hub which opens on Saturday 11 June 2022. 

The hub aims to empower local climate action. Over the next six weeks WEAct will be sharing information and hosting events related to the climate emergency and what local residents can do to help here in Woking.

Each week in the hub will be themed around one of The Jump shifts. The Jump is a positive climate movement which encourages individuals and communities to sign up to one or more life ‘shifts’. The six shifts are:

  • Ending clutter – by keeping products for at least seven years
  • Travelling fresh – if possible, no personal vehicles
  • Eating green – moving to a plant based diet 
  • Dressing retro – by purchasing only three new items of clothing per year
  • Holidaying locally – one flight every three years
  • Changing the system – at least one life shift to nudge the system

Our first week will be themed around ‘eat green’, kicking off with a seed/produce swap on Saturday 11 June. They will also be sharing seasonal and plant based recipe ideas throughout the week, as well as information on how to reduce food waste.

Find the WEAct Hub on Mercia Walk – please do visit and say hello. WEAct is also on the look out for volunteers to help staff the hub over the next six weeks – email wokingenvironmentaction@yahoo.com if you’d like more info.


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