Woking Borough Council’s climate change action

January 27, 2023

Wondering what Woking Borough Council is doing to tackle climate change in the borough?

Look no further than the Council’s website. There, you can find climate change webpages detailing the strategies, working groups, and initiatives in place to make Woking more eco-friendly and work towards our net zero objectives.

The Climate Change Strategy, also called Woking 2050, sets out our action plan to protect our environment, conserve biodiversity, and eliminate our carbon footprint. You can find out more about the strategy and read the full document here. The strategy is currently under review – read more about what this means and how you can get involved here.

The Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) was adopted in 2019, following the Council declaring a climate and ecological emergency. The plan identifies what actions we need to take in order to accelerate our journey to net zero. Updates on the CEAP are presented to the Greener Woking Working Group four times a year, and these updates can be read here.

The Greener Woking Working Group (GWWG), previously called the Climate Change Working Group, was established back in 2003 to discuss sustainability and environmental issues in the borough. The cross political party group meets four times a year to review the Council’s implementation of Woking 2050 and Natural Woking, the biodiversity and green infrastructure strategy. The minutes from recent GWWG meetings can be read here.

In 2022, a robust carbon footprint assessment was undertaken by consultancy firm Anthesis to establish our current carbon emissions and the pathways to reach net zero across our estate and operations by 2050. You can find out more about the assessment and read the report in full here.

You can also view the Council’s key climate change documents on the Planet Woking website here.

The Council is always looking for new ways we can become more sustainable and get closer to our net zero targets. If you have any questions or suggestions about our climate work, you can get in touch via the Planet Woking website here.


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