Tips for an eco-friendly Bonfire Night

October 30, 2023

Here are some top tips to help your fireworks night go with a more sustainable bang!

  • Use dry, clean natural materials on the bonfire such as untreated wood or garden waste. Avoid any manmade materials which are likely to contain chemicals that can pollute the air and harm the environment.
  • Before lighting your bonfire please check for small mammals such as hedgehogs who might have made a home out of the logs and leaves.
  • Use kindling to get the fire going rather than firelighters or fuels.
  • Did you know you can get quiet fireworks that have the same visual display but less bang, minimising unexpected loud noises which can trigger stress and anxiety in nearby animals (and people).  
  • And finally, one of the best ways to have an eco-friendly Bonfire Night is to head to a public event which results in fewer emissions than lots of private displays.


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