Swifts in Woking project seeking volunteers

November 10, 2022

The ‘Swifts in Woking’ project from Surrey Bird Club would love to hear from anyone in the Woking Borough area with time to devote to swifts, an iconic bird which is in sharp decline.

The volunteer responsibilities include such as:

  • organising occasional informal meetings of the ‘Swifts in Woking’ project group
  • keeping in touch with nest box hosts around Woking
  • creating and keeping up to date a digital map/record of swift sites around Woking,
  • contributing content for the swifts page on the Surrey Bird Club website and the @SwiftsInWoking Twitter account.

All volunteers will receive handover instructions from Surrey Bird Club. To find out more about the role and register as a volunteer, visit the Volunteer Woking website.


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