Power the planet with food waste

October 4, 2021

Did you know that by recycling your food waste you’re helping to turn it into enough energy to power your home? You can help the planet by recycling what you can’t eat using your food waste bin.

Recycling your food waste rather than putting it in your rubbish bin will help save more than £3 million a year because it’s half the cost to recycle food waste than it is to dispose of it.

By putting all your food waste in your caddy every week means you’re helping to protect council services like social care, libraries and schools.

It’s best to reduce food waste where possible first – you can try to avoid wasted food by planning meals, popping food in the freezer and using leftovers. A family of four could also save £70 a month just by reducing the amount of food they throw away. For more information including hints, tips and recipes to help you plan your food shop, visit the Surrey Environment Partnership website.


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