Heathland Management at Brookwood Heath

March 4, 2022

Planet Woking is passionate about the Great Outdoors.

In Woking borough, we are lucky to have a range of natural habitats including heathland sites such as Brookwood Heath, Prey Heath, Sheet’s Heath and Smart’s Heath.

What is heathland?

Lowland heathland is an open landscape generally covered in heathers, gorse and tree scrub. It can also include bracken, acid grassland, bogs, bare sandy or peaty ground, scattered trees and water.

Two hundred years ago heathland covered most of West Surrey but now less than a fifth of this original heathland remains. Lowland heathland is an internationally rare and unique habitat, supporting a variety of specialised plants and wildlife. In order for it to survive and for the rare flora and fauna to thrive, heathland needs specialist, targeted seasonal practical countryside management and maintenance work to be carried out.

Heathland Management at Brookwood Heath

Jessica Turley, a local third year undergraduate in Marine and Natural History Photography got in touch with Planet Woking to share her fantastic drone footage of heathland management at Brookwood Heath.

The Surrey Heathland Partnership

The Surrey Heathland Partnership has been looking after beautiful lowland heathland sites for over 30 years. Working with a wide range of partners, clients and parish councils, the Partnership manages the valuable heaths across the west of the county and into the southeast of England. The Partnership is funded by Surrey County Council, Woking Borough Council and Guildford Borough Council.

The project involves organised grazing and clearance of invasive scrub and bracken, as well as promoting an understanding of heathland and encouraging good management practice. This is essential to supporting the rare species that need heathland in order to survive.

To find out more about the important work of the Surrey Heathland Partnership visit their website.  


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