A Greener Life After Lockdown

June 15, 2020

We are living in strange and unprecedented times. The necessary restrictions on everyday life as we know it are helping battle against Covid-19 but there are also some unintended and welcome benefits for our environment.

No doubt you will have made some changes to your everyday routine, which are helping to make a big difference. Where possible, let’s continue to implement these changes after lockdown…  

Active travel

When government restitutions on trips out for essential shopping, work and exercise were in place, many of you will have ditched the car in favour of walking and cycling. By continuing to only use the car when really necessary, we are doing wonders not only for our health but also reducing the number of vehicles on the road and air pollution.

Waste not want not

During lockdown we were asked to limit what and how often we buy food. This has made many of us think about what we need and plan our food shopping better, resulting in less food waste. Not only does this help save you money but it also means less emissions associated with wasted food.

Flexible working

Many of us have embraced the new norm of video calls and online working. While some of us have gone back to the office, for others the business miles and emissions associated with travelling to and from work on a daily basis have gone. Post-lockdown many of these practices could continue, benefitting our work-life balance as well as our environment.

Living la vida local

Limited trips out and media coverage of empty shelves in major stores have seen many of us support our local shops and producers. Supporting our local economies is not only good for smaller businesses, it’s also great for our sense of community and keeps our supply chain greener.


Unfortunately, many national and international travel plans have had to be cancelled or postponed due to the essential prevailing government restrictions.

It may be that it’s some time before we can freely travel oversees again without the prospect of quarantine on our return.

So, why not make the most of this time by planning trips that explore the beautiful places on your doorstep and opt for more sustainable modes of travel over carbon intensive air miles?

Local wildlife

Daily strolls in our local environment have become a part of daily live since lockdown began.

Continue to explore local footpaths and green spaces close by and enjoy the habitats and wildlife as they change through the seasons.

You can find out more about Woking borough’s greenspaces here. You could even bring a bit of nature to your own outside space by planting up a window box or creating an insect hotel.

A helping hand

During lockdown many people have actively volunteered to help others in their community, whethere that’s picking up provisions for an elderly neighbour or collecting a prescription for someone in need. 

Volunteering provides fantastic rewards, not only to those you are helping but also for the volunteer who can build a sense of achievement knowing they’re lending a hand. If volunteering is something you’d like to start or continue after lockdown, you can find out more about local opportunities here


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