Global Recycling Day 18 March 2024

March 18, 2024

On average, the UK produces over 24 mega-tonnes of household waste each year, of which under 50% is recycled. Global recycling day was started to raise awareness of the importance recycling plays in reducing waste, and in helping the fight against climate change.

This year, nominations have been received in the search for “recycling heroes”, individuals or businesses who have done great work on recycling over the past year. But we can all be recycling heroes by making some small changes to how we think about our household waste.

  1. Why not try buying loose produce rather than pre-packaged and, if you need to buy with packaging, check that it is recyclable.
  2. If food has gone bad, try using it as garden compost rather than throwing it in the bin.
  3. We are all susceptible to the occasional impulse buy, but trying to cut down on unneeded purchases will go a long way towards avoiding waste further down the line.

For more information, check out the global recycling day website.


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