Free trees from the Woodland Trust

February 13, 2023

The Woodland Trust is offering hundreds of thousands of free trees to schools and communities across the UK.

Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council, and central government have made commitments to be net zero by 2050. But in order to reach this target, the UK needs millions more trees.

Order between now and August to get your free tree delivery in November. The Trust has eight different tree packs for you to choose from, depending on the needs of your school or local community:

  • Hedge – 30 trees to make a natural screen or to connect existing woodland to help wildlife stay on the move.
  • Cope – 30 trees to make a mini forest school classroom or a peaceful spot to attract birds.
  • Wild harvest – either 105 or 420 trees growing an array of fruits and nuts so you can produce your own jams, jellies, wines and more.
  • Year-round colour – either 105 or 420 trees so you can enjoy beautiful blossoms, bright berries and stunning autumn displays.
  • Working wood – either 105 or 420 trees so you can fuel a log burner in a few years, or learn to carve or weave willow.
  • Wild wood – either 105 or 420 hardy trees that can tolerate an exposed site and help dry up wet areas.
  • Wildlife – either 105 or 420 trees offering food and shelter for wildlife.
  • Urban trees – 15 easy to manage trees that thrive in urban environments, perfect for residential areas.

For more information about the packs, including the species offered and the size of land required, visit the Woodland Trust’s website. Please ensure you have considered the purpose of your application and the suitability of the location and tree species on offer, and have received permission from the legal landowner of the planting location before you apply for any trees.

You can apply direct from the Woodland Trust website here. If you’d like some advice before applying about best tree planting practice, check out this article or get in touch with the Council’s tree management team by emailing Read the full FAQs here.

If you can’t wait until November, you can buy trees year round from the Woodland Trust here. All trees supplied by the Woodland Trust are sourced and grown in the UK and Ireland.

Happy planting!


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