Bored of jogging? Try plogging!

April 12, 2023

Plogging is the eco-friendly hobby that has taken the exercise sector by storm in recent years. But what exactly does the word mean?

‘Plogging’ is a combination of the Swedish term ‘plocka up’ in, meaning to pick up, and the word ‘jogga’ meaning jog. When you put them together, you end up with a new workout that is as good for the environment as it is your health.

Taking to the streets armed with litter pickers and carrier bags, ploggers are cleaning up their local area one step at a time. Whilst out for a walk or jog, they pause to pick up the litter lining the pavements and pathways, leaving behind a cleaner space than they found.

If you think this would be detrimental to your workout, think again. The stop-start nature of plogging introduces an element of interval training to your jog which is great for your cardiovascular health, and by bending over to collect bits of rubbish you’ll be squatting, lunging, stretching and training your leg and core muscles. Plogging is also great for your mental health, releasing endorphins and helping you connect to the great outdoors and feel like a part of something much bigger.

Beyond the personal benefits, plogging has a fantastic impact on the environment, clearing away discarded waste which is harmful for local wildlife and biodiversity. As single use plastics become more common in our daily lives, it’s time to look for new and innovative ways to protect our green spaces.

Although plogging started in Sweden in 2016, it quickly expanded into other countries and retains a certain buzz even today. Searching ‘plogging’ on Instagram returns 278,000 results, evidencing a wide range of plogging sessions from riverbank runs to hilly hikes.

Fancy getting involved? The Run Company on Commercial Way hold a plogging session on the last Wednesday of every month. Meeting outside the shop (The Run Company, 19 Commerical Way, Woking, Surrey, GU216XR) at 6pm, ploggers run around the local area for between 30 – 60 mins. Sessions are free to join, all equipment is supplied and all abilities and fitness levels welcome. Happy plogging!


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