Action Surrey needs your help!

November 19, 2021

In support of the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Action Surrey is looking for three volunteers to help with a project investigating the challenges of retrofitting existing properties to Passivhaus standards.

Please get in touch with Action Surrey if you live in one of the following property types in Surrey and would like to be involved:

  • A flat/maisonette (1-2 bedrooms, any age)
  • A mid/end-terrace house, approx. 1970s/1980s build
  • A detached or semi-detached house, approx. 1900-1920s build with uninsulated solid brick walls

You would also need to have some availability for a property survey before 14 January 2022.

By participating in the project, you will receive a copy of the report produced by the Passivhaus Designer with detailed information about the energy efficiency of your property and recommended improvements.

If you are interested, please contact Action Surrey by email at

For more information about Passivhaus standards visit:


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