A3 EV grant business briefing

February 22, 2024

Would you like to switch your diesel to a new fully electric van? Do you drive along the A3? If so this is an event for you!

Surrey County Council’s A3 EV grant scheme offers grants of £5,000 for a small and £10,000 for a large new fully electric van for businesses to switch from their diesel van. To be eligible, businesses need to do at least 150 single journeys annually – that’s approximately 3 trips a week or 12 trips a month – on the section of the A3 between A31 to Farnham junction and Woodbridge Hill Junction to A25 and A322. The new fully electric van has to be purchased through an ETCI accredited dealer.

If you use this section of the A3 and would like to switch from a diesel to an electric van, sign up to this business briefing to find out more about eligibility criteria and the process. There will be an opportunity for questions too.

The team looks forward to meeting you Tuesday 12th March – 12:30 – 13:30. Joining details are available at A3 EV grant business briefing Tickets, Tue 12 Mar 2024 at 12:30 | Eventbrite

Find out more about the grant scheme.


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