A case study in composting

December 19, 2022

Earlier this year, Planet Woking published ‘A beginner’s guide to home composting’, an article intended to help demystify the process of composting and highlight the benefits of doing so. As a long-time composter, Councillor Peter Graves is very familiar with the advantages of growing your own compost.

Cllr Graves has been home composting for an incredible 30 years, collecting grass, leaves and other garden waste in a compost bin to use around his garden to help the plants. Compost is an excellent soil fertiliser and, with a well-established and well-fed compost heap, Cllr Graves is able to use the grass and fallen leaves collected over the colder months to help give his plants a boost the following spring.

But it’s not just good for his garden. By composting his garden waste, Cllr Graves has cut back on his garden waste bin collections, saving him money as well and making the cost of the bin well worth the investment. By simply keeping the compost moist, turning it every now and then, and keeping it stocked up with wood chips, Cllr Graves is able to grow his own garden fertiliser at very minimal cost.

If you’d like to start composting at home, keep an eye on the Surrey Environment Partnership website, Facebook and Twitter for their regular discount sales on compost bins.


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