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Woking Borough Council, its partners and local residents run a number of environmental strategies and initiatives, many of which residents can get involved in.

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Planet Woking is dedicated to all things relating to climate change, sustainability and biodiversity in the Borough. Its purpose is to share with you how Woking Borough Council continues to address climate change and sustainability locally; and what we’re doing to meet our carbon neutral targets having declared a ‘climate and ecological emergency’.

Local climate action needs you - the local community. To date, a lot of what we have achieved is thanks to partnership working with key stakeholders, commercial partners and community volunteers to meet our common environmental goals. We hope Planet Woking inspires you to get involved and continue to make changes to live a greener, more sustainable life.

There is no Planet B, so let’s work together to secure the future of our Borough by taking action to address climate change locally. We all have a part to play to look after Planet Woking.

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