Talk 3: Urban Life

The Details

When: Wednesday 26th May 2021, 6:30 PM

Where: Live Video followed by Zoom questions

Live Event Recording

If you didn’t manage to get yourself a ticket to watch this live, don’t worry, you can catch up here.

About the event

Our urban areas are central to our social and economic vitality. But our towns and village centres are affected by climate change too. There is much we can do in these areas to adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change such as more intense rainfall and flooding events to heatwaves and droughts. Join us for a talk that explores how we can adapt our homes, buildings, infrastructure and services to better equip our communities for now and the future. We will be covering topics such as sustainable development, the benefits of greening the urban area with trees and green walls; and the role of rainwater gardens in the urban area to slow surface water run-off and help prevent flooding.

Presentations from each of our expert speakers can be downloaded via the links below: