Welcome to Planet Woking

Planet Woking – on a mission to address climate change and sustainability locally. As the council’s climate change communications programme, we want to engage local residents, schools and businesses and enable them to play their part in enhancing the sustainability of the Borough, and ultimately in achieving our aims for net zero. We hope to provide you with lots of useful resources on what the council, its partners and the community have been doing to help tackle climate change locally as well as ideas and inspiration for what you can do at home or at work to help lighten your environmental footprint. And for younger audiences there’s a dedicated section of the website called Little Planet Woking.

our vision

A key aspect of our work is communicating not only what we are doing but how the community can play its part. This has led to the creation of Planet Woking – a programme of online resources and events focused on the local environment.

Our Aim

Planet Woking is dedicated to all things relating to climate change, sustainability and biodiversity in the Borough. Its purpose is to share with you how Woking Borough Council continues to address climate change and sustainability locally; and what we’re doing to meet our carbon neutral targets having declared a ‘climate and ecological emergency’.

Local climate action needs you - the local community. To date, a lot of what we have achieved is thanks to partnership working with key stakeholders, commercial partners and community volunteers to meet our common environmental goals. We hope Planet Woking inspires you to get involved and continue to make changes to live a greener, more sustainable life.

There is no Planet B, so let’s work together to secure the future of our Borough by taking action to address climate change locally. We all have a part to play to look after Planet Woking.

Having declared a climate and ecological emergency last summer, we wanted to deliver a programme of engagement with local residents and businesses to involve them in our climate action and importantly gain ideas on priorities for future climate work. And so Planet Woking was born.

I’m proud that the Council has been so proactive in this area but we need the local community to get involved, be inspired and help us accelerate our local fight against climate change. We live in a wonderfully ecologically diverse Borough, let’s work together to keep it that way.